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Our core services encompass everything a young player needs to thrive in the beautiful game.

Developmental Training Academy

This is the cornerstone of YAFA's program, offering year-round, structured training sessions for players who are serious about their football development. We cater to various age groups, providing a progressive curriculum that hones technical skills, tactical awareness, physical fitness, and match intelligence.


We believe in collaboration and building a strong support network for young footballers. YAFA partners with local and international organizations, businesses, and educational institutions. These partnerships offer players access to additional resources, training opportunities, and potential career pathways beyond football.

Mentorship Program

Our invaluable mentorship program pairs each player with a dedicated mentor who becomes a source of support and guidance. Mentors provide players with personal and professional advice, helping them navigate the challenges and opportunities of the football journey. They also act as role models, instilling positive values and life skills.

Advocacy for Youth Football

YAFA is a champion for youth football, advocating for fair and equitable access to training and opportunities for all young players. We collaborate with local and international organizations to remove barriers and ensure every child has the chance to pursue their football dreams.

Football Camps

Sharpen your skills and fuel your passion at our intensive football camps, held throughout the year. These camps offer a concentrated training experience under the guidance of our experienced coaches, focusing on specific skill development, tactical awareness, and game situations.

Scholarship Program

Recognizing the financial challenges some families face, YAFA offers scholarships to talented players. These scholarships help remove the barrier of cost, allowing players from diverse backgrounds to access our elite training programs and pursue their football aspirations.

Scouting & Placement

Our dedicated scouting network has a keen eye for talent. We actively seek out promising players and connect them with potential opportunities in professional academies and clubs. We guide players through the process, ensuring they are well-prepared for trials and showcase their talents on the biggest stage.

Player Development

Our experienced and qualified coaches utilize a holistic approach, crafting personalized training plans that address each player's specific strengths and weaknesses. We focus on technical skills, tactical awareness, physical conditioning, and mental toughness to create well-rounded footballers.

Our Benefits

Full Comfort For Trainees

Expert Coaching

Our coaches are highly qualified and passionate about youth development. They provide personalized attention, ensuring each player reaches their full potential.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

YAFA training centers boast high-quality pitches, modern training equipment, and a supportive learning environment.

Holistic Development

YAFA focuses not just on football skills but also on character development, life skills, and academic guidance.

Strong Community

YAFA fosters a positive and inclusive environment where players learn teamwork, build lasting friendships, and gain valuable life experiences.

Increased Visibility

Through our scouting network and participation in events, YAFA increases players' visibility, potentially leading to opportunities with professional clubs.

Developing Champions from the Ground Up

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Aspiring Stars


This program is ideal for beginners and players developing their basic skills.

Rising Stars


Designed for players with a strong foundation who want to refine their skills and tactical knowledge.

Elite Stars


This advanced program is for serious players aiming for competitive leagues or professional academies.

Football Camps


Intensive training camps focusing on specific skill development.